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    We have been developing strategic partnerships to help position our company for growth. We have developed supply and distribution partnerships and are always hunting to form more win-win relationships.


    RoCo formed in 2017 to commercialize an idea, that an affordable, attractive and high efficiency Solar Tile could be made. In 2019 we are proud to say we achieved our goal with our first product: SparClad.


    Our first product, SparClad, is just the start. We aim to produce a variety of building products that incorporate photovoltaics to give consumers not just more choice, but more attractive choices.


    We have a goal of making sustainable living and energy self-sufficiency more accessible. We engineered SparClad with top of the line materials to deliver great value to the consumer.

    Roderick has a vision of making solar siding products that are architecturally integrated. Home owners can adopt green energy and have an attractive home. With a background in chemistry, project management, and construction Roderick is providing a new option for net-zero homes.

    Roderick Costain

    Founder and CEO
    Steve works best with engaging clients to develop skills and valued relationships. With a business background and an MBA in business management his abilities to expand and drive business growth compliments our growing company.

    Steve Gauthier

    Operations Manager
    Product development, software support and integration are essential tasks for any young company. Saleh, with a background in Electrical Engineering and an MBA in software development align well to the needs of a young company entering a growth phase.

    Saleh Shamte

    Product Development Manager
    Nic is our Systems Integration Manager, he is applying his background in electronics and robotics to compliment our product development and transition to automated manufacturing. develop customized building relations. With a natural interest in learning and practical mindset his approach aligns to our lean principles.

    Nicolas Frolick

    Systems Integration Manager
    As Business Development Manager, Chris works with clients to develop customized building relations. With a background in business management and civil engineering technology he has ability to bring new business into the construction environment.

    Chris Ellement

    Business Development Manager